Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd.
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Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd.
복합 전문 공급업체
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Years in industry(16)Total staff (185)Total floorspace (5,000㎡)Global export expertise

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About us
Cooperate Logistics Co.,Ltd (Co-Logistics) was established in 2007 in Shenzhen with an investment of USD One million. Co-Logistics are one of the leader international logistics company in China with a backing of experienced and professionally trained staffs spreading over the country with branches in Guangzhou,Hongkong,Yiwu,Changsha, Zhuhai with over 100 members of staff.Co-Logistics is focus on the logistics service for e-bussiness and provide air freight,sea freight,warehouse,custom clearance,express service etc.Though Co-logistics's one station international logistics service and value-added service, alibaba buyer can enjoy user experience for Chinese e-bussiness.